Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tarantino The Critic

A must view: Tarantino's praise for Danny Boyle's sci-fi masterpiece, Sunshine.

I gotta say I really dig Tarantino The Critic. His other accounts of There Will Be Blood, McCabe and Mrs Miller, Taxi Driver and Psycho (the Gus Van Sant version...) have all been infectious in their enthusiasm. There's this precocious and theatrical (almost camp?) quality to his reviews that I really love. The guy should have his own show.

This time though he takes on Sunshine and it's good to hear this incredibly underrated film championed so passionately. Although I disagree with his extremely negative stance on the film's 'disastrous third act', it's good that the scope and ambition of the film is given its due.

In the meantime, I promise to have my own take on the film soon-ish as part of the underrated films post I published a while back...

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Blogger Paul Martin said...

I generally tend to think of Tarantino as allowing his enthusiasm for a film to blind him of its flaws. This review by him shows that's not always the case and I completely agree with his comments on the third act. That ending completely spoiled the whole film for me.

6:32 AM  
Blogger David Marin-Guzman said...

Hey Paul, I think I prefer that kind of enthusiasm when it comes to movies! Critics tend to focus far too much (and almost gleefully) on a film's faults without really exploring what's so interesting about the film. Often I find it serves to only confirm the critic's sense of his own superiority. No film's perfect and it's a mark of a true love of cinema that you can still love a film despite its faults.

In regards to Sunshine, I thought the third act risked derailing the film but I don't feel it went that way in the end. I'll look at it more in my review but I think Boyle continued the sublime aesthetic of the film by making Pinbecker less a human than just this glaring cluster of sunlight - it's hard to even look at him without the image getting completely distorted.

And that sequence when they're in the cube like bomb space, heading to the sun, was truly amazing...

2:12 AM  

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